His laughter is a song I could never grow tired of listening to

I can only fall asleep in utter darkness

But his smile lights up any room he steps foot in

And I don’t mind sleeping next to him

He’s a sunny day with a summer breeze

I’ve never loved anyone more than when he’s laying in my arms, head on my chest

Falling asleep to the beat of my heart

Waking up with a boyish look trying to remember where he fell asleep

I don’t want to lose this

But everything comes to an end someday

We all grow up and everyone can see how much we still have to do so

If we lose it

Remember us happy

Remember our laughter tangling up in each other

Remember our naïvity

Forget the weight of a world we didn’t ask for on our shoulders

Forget the world’s chaos while my fingers were caught in yours

But if my name somehow forgets the taste of your lips

If it gets lost in the waves of the past

Look up at the starry night sky

Up at the moon

Remember me there

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Gone Girl

I still feel your fingers interlacing in mine

I’m still tiptoeing in your shadow

I once danced in it

I hope you never forget about me

You told me goodbye

And Peter Pan was right when he said that goodbye means forgetting

The worst thing about a love like ours is

One of us has the story tattooed on our brain

While the other has nothing

I don’t know which is worse


You told me you were happy

Don’t forget that

Because your lips are still stained with my name

Like a red wine I would rather get drunk off than your voice


She only knows the smell of my skin

By the remnants of it on your hands

She doesn’t know what our kind of love is like

No matter how many times you kiss her

And try to convince yourself

She will never match up to me

I gave up everything I had

Our love was an inferno refusing to be vanquished

Yet you somehow walked away


Dancing in the rain won’t bring you back to me

But it’ll bring my happiness stumbling back to me

Giggling with childish delight

And I need that more than I ever needed you

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How to Kill Yourself Without Actually Dying



Option 1: Stay in the closet

Be with someone of the gender you’re not attracted to

Convince yourself it’s right even though you know damn well it’s wrong

It’s like you’re suffocating yourself

Option 2: Fall in love with someone who will never love you back

It’s as addicting as the drugs sold on the streets

You know, the kind that collapse your veins and make your heart stop

Option 3: Stop acknowledging your emotions

Then you no longer feel your heart being ripped to shreds

It’ll hurt more when you try to start feeling again

Those emotions you subdued for so long acted as the elephant in the living room

Option 4: Forgive yourself for everything you didn’t say

It’ll feel like you’re drowning

You know it’ll be too late

It doesn’t hit you until now that swallowing those love notes

Hurts more than it would’ve whispering them with your warm breath into her neck

Option 5: Give up on making everyone happy

You’re always going to disappoint someone

Maybe your mom will disown you

Maybe your sister will stop speaking to you

This will never stop feeling like you’re swallowing poison

Or jumping off that bridge

Your family’s disapproval will always sting

No matter how far you run away

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Spring Rain

Rain changes with the seasons

Just like we do

It’s cool touch never felt better than it did lingering in the humidity of summer

I barely recognize the eyes staring back at me as the same ones I wore last spring

Rain’s ability to give life after winter’s destruction

She healed the bruises and imprints of knuckles on my skin at Spring’s glance

I have never been happier than I am

Tiptoeing through spring’s downpours

Feeling the clashing of air growing warm

And the clouds cold tears trickling out of them

It’s reminiscing of the summer you were stripped from me

I still have some of your t-shirts that I refuse to get rid of

It would be like cutting the last connection I have to your laughter in the locker room after stealing my shirts

I hope you kept them all these years later

Umbrellas do us no good in teaching us how to hide from what nature is perfecting

I guess we hide from ourselves when we’re a work in progress for this reason

Just remember that rain’s soothing touch will still be there

When a lover walks away

When you feel all but empty

You were all I had but I doubt I cross your mind anymore

Flowers grow back with a little bit of rain

So will we

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Reality of Love

People talk of love like it’s a walk through a field of daisies

But love is like swallowing poison

Love is like dying without being buried 6 feet under

It whisks you off your feet in a dance you’ve never seen before

Love is telling yourself not to get too attached

Because if they leave you’ll have nothing but the memories creaking through your house

Love is painful

It’s unconditionally giving pieces of you to someone who may not stay

It’s giving someone everything you have and still feeling like it’s not enough

You want the person happy if it means destroying yourself

You only want what’s best for them


I wish the chorus of our laughter still filled the night sky of humid summertime

It’s been 3 years and I still feel your fingers lacing through mine

I still feel your hands wandering the hills and valleys of my body

It’s so hard to see you and not be kissing you happy

If we meet again another day

In another life

I hope you choose me

I will always choose you