Stuck On Me

You said you were stuck on me
I didn’t understand
A month later I got a new boyfriend
I was sick of you
Treating me like a rug
As if you could walk all over me
Barely acknowledging my existance
Outside you’re little tiny world
Well, you were also shit at sex
A month after I got with him
You started dating your best friend’s ex
Throwing my memory down the drain
Along with your best friend
You say she’s the one
You said that about me too
You said you were stuck on me
5 months later
And I still don’t understand



“Stop” I hiss
As my teeth sink into her shoulder
A moment before her nails sunk into my skin
“Don’t fight fire with fire”
I don’t want to stand there burning
If violence isn’t the answer
Neither is pacifism
Teach boys not to rape
Teach girls not to bite, scratch, punch, or pull
Teach to fight back
If I learned to fight back
Life would be so much easier
I wouldn’t question every step I take
Nor the words that seem to stumble in streams