The Butterfly with the Ripped Wing

A girl who floats through time and space without noticing she exists is not one to intertwine yourself with

She has complications tangled in a net you cannot see until you yourself are tangled up in it

Her heart is still as free as a 5-year-old walking through puddles to clean off her muddy feet as her wet hair dangles and her knees are scraped and dirty

You cannot bring her to reality, for she has created her own

She has a complex history that can’t be undone.But god her smile fills your bones with honey and your heart with bees

Smiles that dance upon her cherry blossom lips make you wish all of the air didn’t leave your lungs moments before

Watching her eyes glitter as her fingers drum on her desk while she seems lost in the valleys of her mind

Don’t tell me you’re not in love

You imagine calming her down when tears bubble and spill out of her eyes every night

In a world where you are her savior and the blistering, healing wounds have all faded away

Every night as you fall asleep you hug a pillow tightly pretending it is her in your arms

You have memorized the scent she wears every day

When you’re away from her too long you begin to smell it in hopes that she will show up where you are

Her skin holds secrets written between freckles that you so badly want to know

Each weird thing she does without thinking about

Wear a hair elastic on her wrist

Keep her nails short

Doesn’t cover up the light freckles dotting her rosy pink nose

You want the look of confusion when she wakes up to her alarm every morning

But you know better

A curious heart leads to a million different pieces in the end

Sometimes you need to let your heart lead