Quotes for a Writer’s Block Like Mine

“You’re not a bad person for the ways you tried to kill your sadness.”

“Death walks faster than the wind and never returns with what he has taken” – Hans Christian Anderson

“There are years that ask questions, and years that answer.” – Zora Neale Hurston

“Nostalgia is denial – denial of the painful present.” – Midnight in Paris

“I am hopelessly in love with a memory. An echo from another time, another place.” – Michael Faudet

One day he’ll come back

To find footprints

Rather than the ghost of a girl

Who couldn’t find her footing



When humidity, rain, and rising temperatures clash in May

It will remind you of being so unwilling to live and your parents refusal to listen

So you almost hung yourself

The earthy oranges and yellows and reds drifting off their perches

Marking September’s transition into winter

Will forever remind you of when you and your first love began a journey called love

Half of me misses him while the other half is glad he still isn’t dragging me to the bottom of the ocean

The days surrounding New Year’s will remind you of the time

You spent sitting on the couch during the last hours of 2011 and the first hours of 2012

Wishing your breath ran out when that ball dropped

Summer months remind you of years spent running barefoot in marshes

Rain bringing down the humidity in the air

And the year when your birthday stopped feeling important