Reality of Love

People talk of love like it’s a walk through a field of daisies

But love is like swallowing poison

Love is like dying without being buried 6 feet under

It whisks you off your feet in a dance you’ve never seen before

Love is telling yourself not to get too attached

Because if they leave you’ll have nothing but the memories creaking through your house

Love is painful

It’s unconditionally giving pieces of you to someone who may not stay

It’s giving someone everything you have and still feeling like it’s not enough

You want the person happy if it means destroying yourself

You only want what’s best for them


I wish the chorus of our laughter still filled the night sky of humid summertime

It’s been 3 years and I still feel your fingers lacing through mine

I still feel your hands wandering the hills and valleys of my body

It’s so hard to see you and not be kissing you happy

If we meet again another day

In another life

I hope you choose me

I will always choose you


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