Gone Girl

I still feel your fingers interlacing in mine

I’m still tiptoeing in your shadow

I once danced in it

I hope you never forget about me

You told me goodbye

And Peter Pan was right when he said that goodbye means forgetting

The worst thing about a love like ours is

One of us has the story tattooed on our brain

While the other has nothing

I don’t know which is worse


You told me you were happy

Don’t forget that

Because your lips are still stained with my name

Like a red wine I would rather get drunk off than your voice


She only knows the smell of my skin

By the remnants of it on your hands

She doesn’t know what our kind of love is like

No matter how many times you kiss her

And try to convince yourself

She will never match up to me

I gave up everything I had

Our love was an inferno refusing to be vanquished

Yet you somehow walked away


Dancing in the rain won’t bring you back to me

But it’ll bring my happiness stumbling back to me

Giggling with childish delight

And I need that more than I ever needed you

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