His laughter is a song I could never grow tired of listening to

I can only fall asleep in utter darkness

But his smile lights up any room he steps foot in

And I don’t mind sleeping next to him

He’s a sunny day with a summer breeze

I’ve never loved anyone more than when he’s laying in my arms, head on my chest

Falling asleep to the beat of my heart

Waking up with a boyish look trying to remember where he fell asleep

I don’t want to lose this

But everything comes to an end someday

We all grow up and everyone can see how much we still have to do so

If we lose it

Remember us happy

Remember our laughter tangling up in each other

Remember our naïvity

Forget the weight of a world we didn’t ask for on our shoulders

Forget the world’s chaos while my fingers were caught in yours

But if my name somehow forgets the taste of your lips

If it gets lost in the waves of the past

Look up at the starry night sky

Up at the moon

Remember me there

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