Every so often my friend Gus and I take trips down to Boston to ride around on the t. We people watch and train spot. It’s a blast wandering around to the more desolate areas of Boston and to the richer areas. From creepy alleys to “ghetto” pharmacies, we’ve seen much of the area. This was taken at out favorite platform called Waverly.


Add1Challenge Week 2 With Ukrainian

Ok so starting last September I did my first Add1Challenge with Korean, my personal challenge ended on December 31, 2013. It didn’t go too well. This is my second attempt at one of these challenges, but this time I’m doing Ukrainian which is a language I’m more passionate about.

Women in the Spotlight and Such

Nowadays society is kind of screwy with females in general and the females that are in the limelight. Now you’re probably thinking oh god another feminist rant but there is a point that needs to be seen, not only by the general population, but by magazine editors, politicians, etc. See feminism isn’t the yearning for the matriarchy to rule society, but for males and females to be equal. The US is certainly not perfect, and one of the more worrying pieces of American society is how women are seen and treated.

Let’s start with women in general. First off, magazines and such make women believe that they are nothing if they aren’t thin with large breasts and a nice butt. Thus, an epidemic of eating disorders has arisen. Many girls suffer from bulimia, ENDOS, anorexia, and other various eating disorders because of this type of thinking. You see models that look like they’re on the verge of collapsing because they’re so thin for the sake of “fashion”. Many have rigorous training to look that thin or fit. Many also starve themselves to look that thin, some dying from doing so. I can gladly say that there are some good campaigns for loving yourself as you are, using more normal sized models of various colors.

Another thing about women is that they’re expected to fit all these impossible norms that society has set up. For example, women are expected to be hairless like a baby. That’s not too possible, now is it? Women use to stay at home to raise children, but now we live in an era where pairs need both members to work to survive. We have turned to babysitters and daycare centers to raise our children until kindergarten or 1st grade age.

Something that irks me as a LGBT member, is that trans* women aren’t included in the whole thing. They’re still regarded as male, despite many going through the MtF changes with hormones and such. These days trans* males are started to get recognized, but not trans* women aren’t regarded as people. Trans* women are no less women than biological females. These women are always left out of things because they aren’t biologically females. We, not just males, but females need to recognize these women as women, not as males wearing a female skin.

Bills regarding women’s rights also need to be extinguished. There have been between 600 and 650 bills restricting women’s bodies, while there hasn’t been one single bill restricting men’s rights. How did this happen? Someone should step into the government and state that these bills aren’t constitutional. We can start with Texas. Wendy Davis is a woman to admire, yet Texas legislators decided to break rules to benefit themselves, despite her 13 hour filibuster. Why do we stand for this?

When female celebrities do something that someone doesn’t like, the entire world knows about it. Kim Kardashian gained weight when she was pregnant? Good, that’s suppose to happen when you have a baby growing in your stomach. Miley Cyrus is acting like a slut? Cool, let her be. You’re not worried about the man she was grinding on singing about blurred lines of consent. Nicki Minaj is being a bitch because she is speaking her mind? Awesome, we need a woman who is in the limelight bringing it to our attention that women are mistreated so. She is probably one of the most fabulous female role models in the limelight, along with Béyonce. Have you listened to Béyonce’s new album? If not, go listen to it’s entirety.

There’s also this awful rape culture. Everyone is teaching girls from a young age to make sure he rapes the other girl rather than you. Don’t dress to modestly, but don’t dress too much like a slut. If you dress like a slut, you’re asking for it. If you drink too much, you’re asking for it. If you put your drink down and it gets spiked, it’s your fault. This needs to end.

I’m not saying that all feminist movements are great, but this stuff towards women needs to end. Rrriot girls aren’t the best people in the movement, and neither is the radical group called Femen. Many people are afraid to call themselves feminists that have points that aren’t accurate or going for the image that the entire movement is looking for. An example of this is colored women are told by white women to embrace being a slut while they are already fetishized and defetishized beyond belief.

We’re suppose to be equal, not having women making 20% less than men and all these negatives with women. There is a few hundred million dollars between the man that makes the most money and the woman that makes the most money. I am one of those who are so sick of these grey haired men thinking they can be the voice of millions of women, yet throw out bills against their rights. Women shouldn’t be afraid to walk the streets in the night because of potential rapists. Trans* women need recognition. It’s necessary to do so much more work on this kind of stuff.


True Love ?

The sun dies for the moon to breathe

Romeo and Juliet committed suicide for each other

Augustus’ cancer kills him

Hazel loves him even after he’s so far gone

Ophelia drowned from the weight of her dress

Hamlet lived – even for a little longer

Alaska crashes her car in a rage thus killing herself

While Miles was stuck in the labyrinth of suffering

They say true love makes you want to tear your hair out

That it’s not suppose to be easy

Truth is we could have it worse

You’re the reason my blood has stayed a burning scarlet

Rather than the deathly shades of violet and blue

But we’re both damned

You think you’re worthless

I think I’m much less than that

My joy is drowning in alcohol,

Often setting fire to my lungs,

Making blood arise from my skin

Just so I can feel

And you – you think you’re a failure

Which I don’t understand

For you hold the world in the palm of your hand

Your smile asks the questions my laugh answers

But the ladders of scars

Up and down our arms, thighs, anywhere people won’t see

Indicate that one of us will lay

Bleeding out the measly amount of life we have to our name

While the other is forced to live

Knowing no other love will come close

To the person their demons waltzed with


New Year’s Resolutions

It’s the beginning of 2014, which means everyone is coming up with their resolutions for the year. There are those typical resolutions like get in shape and there are those not so typical resolutions. Many aren’t totally executed during the year, they’re only kept up with during the first few weeks, or if you’re lucky, first few months of the year. Some people actually do pursue their resolutions all throughout the year. I’m hoping to do the same. My resolutions are to meditate more, work on teaching myself the languages that I began in 2013 [I’m a part of the Add 1 Challenge that goes into April], and to find the ability to love myself. Loving myself will probably be the most difficult part due to my history of self loathing and mental illness. I am also hoping to recover this year, or at least get on the road to recovery. I want to be happy in 2014.