Spring Rain

Rain changes with the seasons

Just like we do

It’s cool touch never felt better than it did lingering in the humidity of summer

I barely recognize the eyes staring back at me as the same ones I wore last spring

Rain’s ability to give life after winter’s destruction

She healed the bruises and imprints of knuckles on my skin at Spring’s glance

I have never been happier than I am

Tiptoeing through spring’s downpours

Feeling the clashing of air growing warm

And the clouds cold tears trickling out of them

It’s reminiscing of the summer you were stripped from me

I still have some of your t-shirts that I refuse to get rid of

It would be like cutting the last connection I have to your laughter in the locker room after stealing my shirts

I hope you kept them all these years later

Umbrellas do us no good in teaching us how to hide from what nature is perfecting

I guess we hide from ourselves when we’re a work in progress for this reason

Just remember that rain’s soothing touch will still be there

When a lover walks away

When you feel all but empty

You were all I had but I doubt I cross your mind anymore

Flowers grow back with a little bit of rain

So will we

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