Ode to the Woods

Kids giggling between trees, atop rocks, exploring, imagining

Parents indoctrinating the caution you need to take when you get home and check for ticks from birth

Running though swamps barefoot trying to catch that elusive frog

The woods, she knows all of my secrets

Inhaling her sweet smell with the exhale of the first tastes of nicotine

Feeling the rain on my skin while trying to forget the souls that will never meet your excellence

For they are too afraid of the bugs that the young embraced by you learn to ignore

Or they left this earth as quick as I wished to

Solitude left me planning at how you would embrace me when I executed the blueprints of my death

Imagining the moment my heart stopped beating and I would return to the depths of you

Taking the secrets only you knew with me

Returning to the place I emerged as my ancestors before me



Daily Prompt: Mystical

Growing up in the woods you get away with experiencing a type of magic none will understand but those who have seen it

Trees whispered me their secrets as I whispered them mine

Hiding downriver where no one treads

I just want to listen to the symphonies of water licking my feet and meeting the riverbanks for the first time

We ran around barefoot to feel the mud squish between our toes and to feel closer to the earth we come from

Ignoring the mosquitoes knawing at your skin gets easier the more time you spend here

Nightfall had us reaching for the stars once more

Awestruck at the moon I wanted to return to the space I am made of

I am no mystic but meandering¬†through rainshowers midsummer with hair stuck to our cheeks, clothes wet enough to stick to our bodies, giggling to the thunder’s clapping is an out of body experience that makes your heart happy enough to keep going through the hardest of times

To this day I am caught outside barefoot to everyone’s surprise

We know I haven’t quite lost the magic that growing up takes from you

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