Daily Prompt: Mystical

Growing up in the woods you get away with experiencing a type of magic none will understand but those who have seen it

Trees whispered me their secrets as I whispered them mine

Hiding downriver where no one treads

I just want to listen to the symphonies of water licking my feet and meeting the riverbanks for the first time

We ran around barefoot to feel the mud squish between our toes and to feel closer to the earth we come from

Ignoring the mosquitoes knawing at your skin gets easier the more time you spend here

Nightfall had us reaching for the stars once more

Awestruck at the moon I wanted to return to the space I am made of

I am no mystic but meandering¬†through rainshowers midsummer with hair stuck to our cheeks, clothes wet enough to stick to our bodies, giggling to the thunder’s clapping is an out of body experience that makes your heart happy enough to keep going through the hardest of times

To this day I am caught outside barefoot to everyone’s surprise

We know I haven’t quite lost the magic that growing up takes from you

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Where I’m From

We ran barefoot through the mud and marshes

Giggling ignoring the mosquitoes

Attempting to catch frogs in our hands

This is where I come from

Drugs are passed between generations

Joe comes to school high as his parents are busy getting high back home

The rest of us are still flying

Getting high in the woods, our cars, the bathrooms

This is where I come from

We swung to touch the sky

Bubbling over with laughter at stupid jokes

Capturing moments on film reels running in our memory, we knew it would always end too soon

Childhood’s forever was running out as our adolescence was coming to a close

This is where I come from

Sophomore year a boy the year below me shoots himself twice, clipping a promising future short

A year earlier it would have been me if they didn’t haul me to a psych ward the day I saw the light fade and everything ending

This is where I come from

We stayed up to hear the crickets sing in summer

Months later we tread through the haunting quiet of show reaching us

Surprised by her arrival even though she visits every winter

This is where I come from