I am but a puzzle of a family of artists and a mentally ill family

I am created of puzzle pieces fitting together, a mosaic of sorts

Coping with mental health via creation

Documentation of storms inside my brain created on paper and canvas

Manic states more than depressive

Mania is filled with color and ideas shifting around trying not to overthrow each other

Depression only looks for the darkness

Either state has me fixate on dying

How afraid of it I am or how I welcome it with open arms

Creating and destroying keep my hands quiet in every moment my brain decides not to be

via Daily Prompt: Create




This weekend I’m taking a journey “up north” to a small town north of us in our tiny state of New Hampshire. My sister is on the left and my friend on the right. My friend and I have known each other since we were in diapers barely able to talk. Along with our families we are going skiing and hanging around the area. This will give me an opportunity to take pictures, get inspiration for writing, and edit work. This will make it so I have more to post on here. “Up North” is gorgeous and is a great place to visit, photos to come soon.