Rural School


Graduating from a regional public high school and going to a university was a feat in itself

There was never enough money to not think about cutting programs deemed unnecessary

Every day you saw kids whose families struggled to put food on the table but a town or two over the high school students got the newest cars and didn’t work a day in their lives for anything

Many of us spent our summers working and saving shenanigans for the school year

My friends and I broke a window one year and the next all the windows were bolted shut

Our school taught briefly about contraception but nothing about mental illness

They would rather have us smoking cigarettes under the bleachers and in the dugouts and smoking enough weed to put pharmacies out of business

We would smoke cigarettes in the bathrooms and get high in our cars parked in the school parking lot during lunch

I’m sure a few times we almost set the school on fire doing so

But I’m sure schools like mine will soon be getting worse than before

Most of my graduating class of 360 are becoming mechanics, hairdressers, or drug addicts

But a girl in September died hours into her 16th birthday of a heroin overdose

She had just gotten out of rehab

The school district wants to cut over a million dollars from the budget and I can only imagine what will happen to kids like myself who weren’t  lucky enough to graduate earlier

via Daily Prompt: Criticize


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