1.) If I were to leave this realm you would imagine me causing a ruckus wherever I end up

You would imagine my laughter in a crowd, lungs crackling and all

See my face in a sea of strangers hoping I was actually there in the darkness of your mourning

You would recognize parts of me you didn’t know existed within you

This is how you remember me – wearing mannerisms passed from me to you like a locket


2.) Your ghost lingers in my bed

Once you sleep next to someone you cannot bear to sleep alone

Many nights I feel you pulling me closer as I kiss your shoulder in a sleepy haze only to wake realizing I was remembering moments we had but now have lost

I doubt I could recognize your face 7 months after your leaving

I hope we still dance together in your dreams

At least there we will be together


3.) The first time you laid your hands on me I thought it would be the only

The last time you laid your hands on me I knew I was dying

I didn’t think I would live to see the year change

You wouldn’t recognize the smile on my face

If only you could see me now


4.)  You can’t always tell when this illness begins nor when it ends

Recovery doesn’t mean returning to who we were before but we all wish it did

The girl I was wouldn’t believe I am the same person

When you hit rock bottom you’re lucky enough to have something you can stand back up on

Pain changes you but I am lucky enough to have survived this long

via Daily Prompt: Recognize


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