After you jump into a pond with your clothes on, they stick to you for hours until they’re a little less than damp but less than dry

You won’t know what’s still pond water and sweat if it’s midsummer

His smile still hides in the corner of bittersweet memories

Each flinch you saw the disappointment in the memories still tethered to my bones but had fled my memories to the darkest corner of my brain

Disappointment in the people and how the pain still clung to me

He watched sunrises with me soundly sleeping in his arms

Moments of beauty and serenity like that surfaced with the tears when we both knew our journey together was coming to a close and all he had to say was those five words to let me go – I don’t love you anymore

Mornings waking up to rain lazily dripping off the roof as I lazily kissed your shoulder still remind me there can be good in a life tinged with bad

He may have forgotten about the ways my eyes lit up when I talked passionate

But our fingerprints still dot each other’s skin for another 6 years until they fully fade away with our bodies forgetting young love like that


via Daily Prompt: Cling


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