Daily Prompt: Enthusiasm

The first person who saw me fall to pieces in his arms was the last to walk away

He watches me for clues each time to catch me when I’m falling to rock bottom again

Drying the tears rocketing down my face for the gold medal in who can fall the fastest

But he still looks at me with delight as if I had placed all the stars in the sky just for him and he would forever be in debt to me for doing so

You watched me collapse my veins because the drugs wouldn’t break my heart like I thought you could

Knowing the only thing you could do was pull me in tighter and love me harder

I still walked away because I didn’t want to be enough for you

I wanted you to realize how much more you deserved not realizing I had given the most important piece of me away to the world to extinguish

Years later you still love me the same after walking out on you like that

I still have an appetite for things that will kill me and his name still tastes bitter on both our tongues

But it will always be you

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via Daily Prompt: Enthusiasm


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