Daily Prompt: Folly


I was dying and you continued to stand gun pointed to my head

What a fool I was to think you loved me

No one could scream loud enough to save me

When you left I had to piece what was left of me back together while you could easily never look back

And you haven’t

I would have died for you

When you entered my life I had just forgiven the people causing the storms I had previously weathered at the crack of their knuckles on my bones

My friends watched me transform back into the ghost they thought I had left behind

There was no more light

How can I forgive myself after giving my heart away to someone who stomped on it enough to make me consider vanishing from this world again

There is not enough forgiveness in my bones for what you did

2 years have passed since and I still cannot utter the words ‘I love you’ because you taught me that they couldn’t mean anything while you watched my blood pour out of the would you created

What a fool I was

I picked up my own pieces while you never looked back

Learning to enjoy the warmth of my own loneliness

I taught myself how to laugh again because my smile wouldn’t return for the longest of time

Each night I whisper to myself that it’s going to be ok

via Daily Prompt: Folly


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