Daily Prompt: Conundrum

My friends are dying and no one wants to fix them

We are rural white kids who are suppose to save ourselves with money and resources we were not given

Suppose to be the example for the rest of the country of what not to be when they grow up

Debates being sparked about communities collectively trying their hand at poisons we have seen the affect of already in the deaths of our brothers and sisters

We are suppose to stand together but how can we when none of us can stand up on the shakiness of rock bottom

Anthony started because there was nothing else for him to do

Jake started because he had grown up watching his parents doing it daily

We lost Brooke to it less than 24 hours out of rehab, moments into her 16th birthday

We all don’t choose the same drug but we still end up dying

People tell us the harsh realities but won’t lend a hand when they see us slipping

How can we have a debate on what to do with the drug epidemeic when we still treat addicts as criminals?

We are sick just as anyone with pnemonia but no one wants to help us

They are watching us die from the sidelines

via Daily Prompt: Conundrum


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