Daily Prompt: Missing

The love of your life doesn’t always walk in to your life, sometimes you walk in to theirs

Many of my friends are engaged to be married as I sit filling myself with fantasies of who my heart will find familiar

Maybe they just got off the wrong stop and instead of fining me they bought a coffee at their favorite chain and decided to read there instead

But maybe they don’t even drink coffee and instead go for a hot tea

Dreaming about lives they haven’t lived yet

But I can’t be missing the best moments of my life wishing for different moments to call the defining moments of who I am

I remember I am the best of me and no one else can take that title

One day I will have someone sitting with me in a nook of our shared apartment reading away our afternoon

We will be laying under messy covers in bed, you’re still asleep with the golden light of sunrise illuminating your hair and I’ll be so in love with you  in that moment and every moment before and after that

Your face isn’t on a missing poster asking to be found and given to me

We may not be there in our journies of finding ourselves to find eachother

But one day we will and there will be stories written about us when the time comes

via Daily Prompt: Missing


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