Daily Prompt: Protest




My body is the gasoline, my voice is the match

Lighting a fire to change for the better within myself, my communities, and the world

Advocating for mental health education and resources as a mentally ill person is not irony but opposite

Sitting in a psychatric ward at 14 hearing the word suicide for the first time is not the way to learn what you are feeling

In the adolescent ward our ages ranged from 12 to 18

The roommate who taught me how to play 5 card draw was also 14, the other 18

All waiting for our smiles to return our calls

Our rooms were like dorms but with far less liberty to decorate – just blankets and pillows

I wore the same 3 outfits over and over, they didn’t tell me how long I was to stay until the day I was leaving

We created, we laughed, the community’s support was immense because we all knew what it was to no longer exist inside our minds

Our minds were no longer our own but property of the diseases shaping them

We had 14 year olds in detox and people who just came from hospitals turning suicide into just attempts

I’m not sure how many are still alive but one boy we endearingly called bipolar bear

One girl could perfectly emmulate a British accent

We are all normal people with debilitating illnesses that people believe in because the only visible symptoms are self inflicted yet these same people will believe in an invisible deity making everything happen for a reason

Tell that to kids who are just shells of people

As an advocator I am labeled as a protester but let me tell you they only want to silence my voice because they don’t like what they hear

They don’t want my voice they just want to add me to the body count

via Daily Prompt: Protest


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