Daily Prompt: Martyr

Keep breathing in and out

I am small enough to fade into nothing

Insignifigant enough to the universe as atoms are to our naked eye

Hushed beckoning to live in the clouds for a few hours I will soon succomb

Keep breathing in and out

Lungs the color of midnight’s sky during a new moon

You couldn’t tell me I would get this far down the rabbit hole 5 yeears ago

I was dying but would have been struck by lightning before my anchor took me down with it

Keep breathing

All my wires needed to be replaced and I thought the best way to do that was to slice them myself

Left to be found, throat an open door to the next great adventure

I would have let them win their war allowing their venom to run up my veins until my heart couldn’t take it anymore

I would have given my friends permission to let themselves drown the way they watched me shed all the tears I had left out my veins

I would have been their martyr

Their reason to keep living or keep dying

Plucking themselves from the fields of reason

Erasing their names from the history books

Keep fighting for justice of mentally ill kids being played as harps by their peers trying to kill them

I could have been their martyr

I am my own martyr mourning the woman who exists only in breaths of photographs before the bruises turned me cold


Their threats of killing you didn’t win

They can’t pretend to mourn you secretly celebrating their victory of another outcast leaving this world grayer

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