Daily Prompt: Vanish

Her hair didn’t curl around her face with little ringlets, not it framed her face with harsh rigidity

I swear to God she was the only one who could have woken me from an eternal slumber

Every thing she said sounded like she was reeciting Shakespeare – in the most endearing way

I would have used my last breath to ask her to repeat me a lullaby to send me away

She was gentle but started a fire in me I have yet to vanquish

But when summer came she was but another story to file away in my file cabinet of deepest secrets

The only way I keep her close to me anymore are the t-shirts she left me with

Half a country away I wish her hands were tracing my frame but we all know too well mormon parents and two women in love does not mix without an explosion

She forgot about me when she was stripped from this bleak place

She was the only one who the stars wanted to visit and since she left they have not shown their faces

Vanishing with nothing but an apology and a love I can only give to her

She healed something in me that will forever remain tattooed on my brain

The scar will remain until she comes back which is to say it will always be here

The pain of losing her will forever remain here in the back of my head

Thoughts of how she would love something so beautiful and bright like herself

via Daily Prompt: Vanish


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