Wrong Light

Whenever I write about you I talk about cracking

I forgot mentioning the way you morphed time like marmalade’s slow, letting us take each other in

There was a gallery displayed on your skin with every freckle, stray hair, scar that my fingers were hungry for

Your eyes held galaxies I could explore forever

Each time I paint you into words I forgot you were the home I thought my love could live in forever and how could I lose something like that

When you left I evaporated from the pools my tears melted me into

Nights when you were still here, you sleeping in my twin bed tangled limbs and all

Sleepily kissing your shoulder, you pulling me closer as your teddy bear

Awoken by thunder one night, your warmth as you still slept, the only thing I thought was how I was looking right at the rest of my life, dreaming, holding me tight

After your leaving I couldn’t even eat without remembering each conversation shared over a meal

To this day I don’t know why you left

Maybe you were afraid it was too perfect to be real

Every time your lips curved into a smile I thought I was watching the rest of our lives together play out

Each bout of laughter the house, the children, the adventures

Now each moment it fades a little farther as we forget the way we felt the calm storm of love

Left with the few moments our stories wound together as one


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