I composed a string of words in an orchestra for your ears alone

Yet your ears wandered to another composer

And I fought too hard for someone who couldn’t see the beauty he had around him

So he had to go chasing for what he could never quite grasp, it was a different shine in his eye

I drank wine from your fingers getting drunk off your smile and the way your eyes grew heavy with love and the day’s tired

I forgot to close my heart to that bubbling warmth

Because I know too well what’s good won’t stay for nearly long enough

Now I’m still left with the crown of the king who will take the throne next to mine

It’s resting on my bedside table for the time being

You tried it on for a moment and didn’t like the weight it carried so you left galloping in the night with none of my questions answered but the one asking if you were enough for this

The orchestra no longer plays for you but for myself

Until whomever fits perfectly in the throne next to mine arrives


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