If I could kiss you one more time knowing it would be the last

Knowing it wouldn’t change your mind

I still would

Then I would remember the taste of your smile

The last day I knew I would see you beautiful

I photographed your messy hair, bright green eyes into the album of things that once were

Your voice shook and we were already worlds apart

The photo is now fading with the memory of you

Heartbreak changes people, it makes them do things to keep the pain in a box at the back of their mind

The pain of what cannot be changed me in ways you would no longer recognize as who I was

I drove myself to exhaustion by working 10 hour shifts 8 days in a row so I no longer had to think about you

Every time I drove by the place you decided all this was no longer worth it, the sting would rush back, the wound had not yet healed

I still can’t recount the sound of your voice when it wasn’t falling apart

The silence I replied with allowed both our hearts to break

Wishing your gentle touch would venture back one more time



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