He asks me how I keep positivity flowing through my veins in a world that tries to break people like me

In the town I’m from they pluck all your petals if you’re any different from the rest

I would learn to sow seeds in the scars

Building yourself back up while they’re still trying to wear yourself down is a constant battle

They plucked all the petals from my stem but I lived long enough to watch them grow back

I know people who weren’t so lucky, who no longer live in the present tense

The only remnants of them are their ghosts on the tip of our tongues when we speak their name

In dreams, in memories they are still existing

If you asked me 4 years ago I would tell you they succeeded at breaking me

I was merely worn into dust by the words dropping from their mouths in which haunted this body

I tell him there are still bad days woven into the fabric of happiness

You learn that the world isn’t ending

It’s still turning for you


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