I unravel and rewire myself to become someone your heart will no longer recognize

The brand of you – a love gone by – lingers in the storms I still whether

I left you with nothing

Which you can say is better than leaving with every piece of me unrecognizable

You decided to mold me into something I wasn’t

I fought until my soul grew tired, having no ounce of awake left in me

I had no choice but to fall apart

Now I’m wondering if I still would have splintered and broke if I never felt the warmth of your hands molding this body

Into something my brain no longer recognized as its own

How can you still wake up and kiss her knowing the debris you left me will never rework itself into what it once was

If I ever face love again my heart will scream until I have no other option but to run

I can’t keep running forever but there are pieces of me I will never get back

You forgot to return to sender

The constant fear of having to look you in the eye again follows me around our hometown

Being vulnerable is not something I am capable of since the last time I put my heart in the hands of someone else

You gave it back burned to ashes


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