The Feeling

There are colors we don’t know about

Places we can’t describe yet

But we’re more focused on whom others spend their lives with

Getting tangled up in stories over coffee

Falling more for the smile that crosses when she recount memories I haven’t heard yet

Surprising her with lilies I know are her favorite

The warmth I feel when I look at her could describe the colors we don’t know

She’s home to me

Musing about the hues living in her hair

The hues of  love she makes me feel

But people are more concerned about the lack of a man in the picture

Than the happiness I feel with her

Having us shrouded in darkness with men because loving each other is “unnatural”

I still give her lilies to tell her I remember

She has me feeling like the places we don’t have the language to describe

People are still concerned it’s “her” rather than “him”


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