We have 79 mutual friends on Facebook

He wiped away everything I had recovered

He didn’t want me to keep any of those 79 friends

I wasn’t worthy enough for anyone but him

I was told to get a restraining order because two unstable people cannot make a stable relationship

One always ends up damaged

I am seen as damaged goods no one cares to repair

No one listens to my cries because emotional trauma isn’t real

When someone tells you they would die without you, you take it as a compliment

Until they turn it into knives when you try to escape

There was no provocation

There was no “what did she do to deserve it?”

Violence is all about control

He wanted control

He gets it on the nights I stay shaking at the thought of getting close to someone again

I know anyone can do what he did to me

Memories I wish I could drown play out on a movie screen

Just let me rest

I need to stop thinking about the toxins you fed me

Chaining me to you in a way you can forget all this and I just can’t



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