My Honest Poem

After Rudy Francisco


I was born July 21st

That makes me a cancer

Meaning my emotions are as controlled as the ocean my sign takes after

I’m 5 foot 6

I’m 14o lbs

And changing my hair transforms me into a person I wish I was


Also – I’m stubborn as the people I come from

The stubbornness hangs off me like a locket of all the family who no longer linger on this planet

Just like paint on clothes is a reminder of who came before me

People tell me they can find me by my laughter drifting down hallways


My mother’s water broke at 3 am

The power was out and my parents had to pack by the dim candlelight

What an indicator of how my life would be written


I like iced coffee

A lot

I have this odd fascination with clouds and sunsets

The way pinks and purples and oranges melt into each other

How no two clouds are the same

Mixing with the moods of the sky

I guess that’s why I tried to blend in when I was meant to stand out

Until I wanted to melt into the earth to no longer be


Hi –

My name is Ainslie

I’m still learning the curve of my own smile

I’m still learning the curve of my own smile

My voice doesn’t know the appropriate volume to create itself

Making people laugh with a certain clumsy is my specialty

Even days I can’t fish out my own smile


My hobbies include:

Collecting pens to scratch and mold words into a world you don’t care to visit

Creating myself into someone I wish I had become

And convincing myself there is something about me the dark couldn’t take


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