Lonely is a hearth I warm my palms at on a frigid winter day

Being alone allows me to see all the colors my thoughts painted for me

I can never quite get them out because they don’t want to meet anyone’s ears

So many drugs have tried to coax me out of my shadow lingering lonely

Love is one hell of a drug

My breath tracing secrets in the nape of his neck

Of worlds unseen only to my dreams

Being recreated in the framework of his skin

He wrote stories in my bones and I was silly enough to think I was better off alone

Lonely forgets that my story intertwined with his

Naievity got me standing in the rain thinking mother earth’s touch in the sadness shared would wash his words out of me

Thoughts of him have painted me blue

From the moment my eyes touched his I knew

He is one hell of a drug that loneliness won’t let me forget


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