Psychiatry as a field is a teenage girl trying to find herself

It was worse 50 years ago but that doesn’t mean it’s all rainbows now

Slipping pills down our throats to try bringing back our will to live

But many of us still have no cure

Five years later and I still jump at loud noises and back away from the touch of someone else

My mind plunges to the deepest depths of the ocean

Then soars past Earth’s limits

The pills that tried to keep me listening rather than dreaming of places that don’t exist

Flared up the voices that weren’t there

Made the bugs crawl under my skin

And my friends wanted to know what drug

In case there was a euphoria they hadn’t tried yet

Together we all spent thousands of hours between the walls of therapist offices

Trying to piece together the words of the looming darkness

So we would stop letting poisons seep into our lungs and injecting them into our bloodstreams

We just wanted to stop drowning at sea where we felt no one wanted to save us

And the insults thrown at me at the very place I was suppose to receive my education

Weren’t half as bad as the ones I listened to on repeat in my own thoughts

Different combinations of pills were slipped down my throat trying to figure out how to make all this stop

But it’s still better than it was 50 years ago

And most of us still have no cure


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