One Last Time

I would collapse my veins to have you love me one last time

But love isn’t an essence they give you in a pretty bottle

To swallow down, making the world brighter

Love is lenses that soften the colors around you

Allowing the humming of the birds sound more beautiful than you ever noticed before

They always talk about the constellations in the sky but never the ones in your lover’s eyes

I was ready to spend the rest of my existence  on this tired planet mapping out the constellations you held

Your favorite color was red and I’ll always remember because my love for you was a burning red

And your soul was stuck feeling the moods of the deep sea

Just like me

I always watch the clouds because they hold in the memories of afternoons we spent

Rocking on the swings of the town playground

Acting like the little kids it held recesses for every day

And I still wish you would float back to me just as the clouds float with the wind

Not knowing when my fingers will memorize the edges of your frame again

Is swallowing a poison nobody warned me about

Seeing her try to keep you when we know you are floating back home to me

Is a comedy show not bad enough for me to leave

Let me love you one last time

By one last time I mean until the last breath escapes my lips

Because you are the only chemical my collapsing lungs will take in

Why don’t you stay a little longer this time


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