Art of Forgetting

Your name rolled off my tongue like a sweet perfume

But I’ve forgotten the taste of your love already

The day you untangled your heart from mine

It bit me with a venom that I can’t bleed out

And I didn’t have the words to tell you what you meant to me in time

So now you just have fragments of words that no longer make sense

And the photo of us still lies on my bureau

As I try to put together the puzzle of why leaving was the answer

My eyes are the color of the open sky on a summer day

The day you left they were the color of the deep sea

I hope that haunts you every time you try to bury my memory with her

I’m still stuck on you because I was silly enough to believe you were the last person I would gift my heart to

I’ve taken myself apart and put myself together again every night

Trying to find the cracks our love slipped through

And I can’t seem to forget being tangled up in you

You once told me I taught you a lot about who you were

About how to be free of what people thought

I hope you kept it all

Every note on every topic I covered

I hope I taught you enough about love

That when you find it, you can’t stop thinking of me

Then you will feel the loss I do


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