Watching you fall in love again

Is watching a movie you experienced in black and white

Turning to color

A story I already know the ending to

Because I played ours over and over again

The film reel refusing to give me a rest

Allowing you to fast forward

While I hit rewind

I already know every line you’ll whisper in her ear

You gave me the script before you could transform it into honey

Into a sweet drug to make her melt for you

To make her fall for the freckles mapping out your back

The eyes a brighter blue than the waters down under

Your laughter wrote the symphonies of our story

No one will bother watching it

Once the VHS tape stops rewinding and replaying in my memory

It will start collecting dust on my shelf

I know your copy is already covered in cobwebs

You’re recording a new story now

Shouldn’t I?


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