I’m always up when I’m alone and

Down when I’m with someone

Maybe there’s a correlation


I gave you more than you deserved

More than you wanted

Maybe that’s why you set me free from the cage you kept me in


I am good enough for myself

That’s all I need

That’s all I will ever need


Being called beautiful on social media

Doesn’t compare to laying in someone’s arms

Their breath on your neck


The memories keep rewinding like a VHS tape too stubborn to stop

The scars fell off as you fell away

You didn’t want to stay long enough to watch


I can’t get the memory of your fingers in mine

Out of my head

You’re trying to bleach the memory of my heart breaking out of your head

Because you know you did this to the girl with the fire in her eyes

And the “I told you so” in her walk


Your soul is intertwining with someone else

So is mine

I can’t bear the thought of you memorizing the taste of someone else


I knew the ending before it began

She will look gorgeous by your side in that white dress

I should’ve loved you less

I gave pieces of me away to you too easily

I hope you kept them


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