Learning the Meaning of Without

When you told me you were leaving

My first thought was “at least there are less ways for me to let you down now”

As my heart fell to my knees and a lump surfaced in my throat

Making it impossible to argue or even breathe

But I knew it was better this way

My eyelids fell heavy with memories and the silence screaming

There was no way for me to look you in the eye while you broke my heart

And I’ll never admit to your face that you made me cry

We both knew going into this that it wasn’t going to last

Yet there were moments we both wished it would

That doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth it

Being young means living in the moment even if it makes you wish broken hearts could mend in the absence of a lover

My heart wishes yours the best of luck on any adventures it may lead you

I already know who I am alone

Walking away won’t dull my laughter

My smile still struts across my face without you

I dearly want you happily living a life you’re proud of


You were gone in the blink of an eye

All I have left of you is a fleeting thought that maybe you’ll be back for seconds


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