I knew your eyes better than the back of my hand

I knew the smell of your skin better than my own name

I knew the words of your silence

Each time your lips quivered I knew what words would leave them

Waltzing around for mine to answer

Now I don’t even know if your skin remembers the brush of my fingers

Or if we dance to the same melody

Plenty of songs remind me of you still

You probably forgot the sound of my silence

The day your lips first felt hers

Or the day I looked at you like you put all the stars in the sky

But that’s ok

You’ve already memorized the lights refracting in her eyes

Every curve and dip of her skin

They way her lips curl into the smile you can’t get enough of

Keep that spark

You tossed ours aside

Now you have enough for hers

Don’t throw this one away


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