Stained Glass

Why was I so easy to let go?

Am I really that forgettable?

I’m sorry all I had wasn’t enough

I shouldn’t be wasting my tears on you anymore

But when someone promises you forever

Just to give it to someone else

It never stops shattering you

It never stops hurting – giving them the best of you

And having them give it to someone else

You had someone willing to die for you

I had the world to give to you

My stained glass reflection doesn’t look like me anymore

But the picture you painted of me after you left

I should have loved you less

So it would be easier for me to forget

So your name would stop feeling like a fire spreading through my chest

So I wouldn’t be drowning every time someone talked about you

You threw me out like a strip of film you developed too much

Forever was something I was willing to dive into with you

I guess when you said you’d love me until the end of time

You were joking

The months I have lived with you absent

Haven’t felt real

You’ve been dating her for half a year

And I can’t stop thinking about you

Your name is tattooed on my heart

Your cologne is everywhere I turn

Yet you only visit me in my dreams

I guess it’s better that way


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