Just like a dream

It’ll all soon be over

And I won’t remember the parts that were real

Or the parts my memory manufactured in order to cope with you leaving

I’ll never be enough to fill the shoes standing next to you in a white gown

They just aren’t for me

Therefore I’d rather to be the first to make you believe in love

So you have something to thank me for

I watched you smile when the rains arrived

I’d love to stay for you laughing to the beat of the thunder

But you’re going to fall away

And I’d rather send you off to my fondest memories

Before I have to cart you off to the names that will never crawl up my throat again

Do not settle for convenient

Love someone who sets the passion in your eyes on fire

I can tell you’re already anticipating our ending

You’re trying to memorize the hues my eyes hold and the curve of my smile

As if remembering me is an exam you’re afraid to fail

But it’ll all fade away sooner or later

Just like a dream


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