Cliche Counting Breakup Poem

1.) I didn’t realize it at the time but

The day you left was the first day of the rest of my life

2.) Promising every last piece of me

Ment nothing

3.) Forever wasn’t in your vocabulary

Yet you acted as if it were

4.) Sometimes I still mourn what could have been

5.) Photos of you no longer make my chest turn to stone

Tears bubbling over wishing you never stopped loving me, stopped

Wishing it were me in your arms and not her

6.) I sincerely wish you the best now

You deserve happiness

Even if it isn’t with me

7.) Falling in love again wasn’t really in my plans

Until someone who painted all the stars in the sky for me

Wandered into my life

8.) He shows me the kind of love I deserve

He is patient with me

9.) You were only in my life for a brief moment but

At the time it felt like forever

The same one you promised me

10.) All the plans for the future

Went up in flames the last time

Your voice met my ears

Lips meeting in a final goodbye

11.) If I saw you in the street

I doubt I’d even recognize you

You’re oceans away

Our paths have untangled as have we

12.) My eyes are brighter now

Smiling a little wider

Laughing for a chorus of ears

You were never really my style



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