Ribs flickering through my skin with every breath

Bones peeking out of the canvas that is my skin

I fluttered through as a ghost

No one thinking I could last the year

It was a race of which would fail first

My thinning body

Or would I succumb to the salted sea crashing

Making me numb with every thought of

How beautiful I would look in that casket

My family was already mourning the death

Of their once bright, beautiful, happy first born

Every ring of the phone

Would lead to thoughts of what I could have done this time

I didn’t even know what was happening

Public schools don’t teach you about what happens

When you stop eating

They don’t teach you that sketching the blueprints of your death means there is something wrong

I had frozen over with ideas that I never meant anything

Ideas that I was better off under 6 feet of earth

And it didn’t sound any alarms to my family

Because I was dismissed, told it was part of being a teenager

If only I could get those years back

Returning them like clothes that didn’t fit quite right

I lost so much time

I would gamble everything I have for them

And I’m lucky because

So many people like me don’t survive the slings and arrows of this noble existance

One stopped gracing us while you reading this

Light a candle for them


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