For every month I stayed in an emotionally abusive relationship


14. He says he loves me

Being in his type of love feels like swallowing poison

13. Bruises aren’t the only sign of domestic violence

12. My smile is playing hide and seek with me, hiding along with my laughter

I am no longer enjoying his company

11. The very friends he is trying to suction me away from

Tell me this is all wrong because I can’t recognize it on my own

10. I was only taught to run if his touch ceased being loving

9. Threats of suicide hiss through his teeth if I try to leave

8. Nothing is something I felt long ago

That he says he is without me

I’m beginning to feel it creeping up on me again

7. One in three women are victims of physical violence at the hands of a lover

But I am a statistic they have yet to count

6. No one will believe me if I tell them

So what’s the point of leaving?

5. The only leaving I can do is leaving this life

4. He never hit me so does it even count?

3. No one believes a woman when she cries abuse anyways

2. Maybe I’m overreacting like he says

Maybe it’s my fault

Maybe I actually do deserve it

1. A month after our paths split, he is in love with someone new

I am afraid to fall in love again

He’s happy with her and I’m letting him be

Now it’s my turn to find a new muse whose words don’t cut like knives

Please, let me be happy again

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