Love Letters

After Jeanann Verlee


Nathan, the sweet kiss of death should have taken anyone but you

Austin, I had to leave you behind

Seth, years change us

Matt, when you kissed her I felt my heart shatter and never looked back

Thank you for teaching me heartbreak

Mitch, your eyes were an ocean I would have swam the rest of my life in but you had a taste for anything that got you higher

Jeremy, my heart is still yours

Mikayla, the scars faded but my love for you remains the same

Alex, making out on the ski slope was a beautiful surprise I regretted even more after learning you raped my friend the year prior

Adam, the sadness didn’t last forever

Alyssa, I wasn’t quite ready to come out

Jeremy, my heart is still yours

Josh, the bruises faded away just like you

I’m doing better without you and I hope it stings

Evan, no

Nick, I understand

Will, the love affair between my knuckles and your face was beautiful

Jeremy, my heart it’s still yours

The love I had for you never went away

No matter how many times I tried to wash your name out of my mouth with alcohol or the kiss of another

I’m ready for you to wander back


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