How to Kill Yourself Without Actually Dying



Option 1: Stay in the closet

Be with someone of the gender you’re not attracted to

Convince yourself it’s right even though you know damn well it’s wrong

It’s like you’re suffocating yourself

Option 2: Fall in love with someone who will never love you back

It’s as addicting as the drugs sold on the streets

You know, the kind that collapse your veins and make your heart stop

Option 3: Stop acknowledging your emotions

Then you no longer feel your heart being ripped to shreds

It’ll hurt more when you try to start feeling again

Those emotions you subdued for so long acted as the elephant in the living room

Option 4: Forgive yourself for everything you didn’t say

It’ll feel like you’re drowning

You know it’ll be too late

It doesn’t hit you until now that swallowing those love notes

Hurts more than it would’ve whispering them with your warm breath into her neck

Option 5: Give up on making everyone happy

You’re always going to disappoint someone

Maybe your mom will disown you

Maybe your sister will stop speaking to you

This will never stop feeling like you’re swallowing poison

Or jumping off that bridge

Your family’s disapproval will always sting

No matter how far you run away

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One thought on “How to Kill Yourself Without Actually Dying

  1. Fuck this I wanted to actually die and then become alive foolproof after like a month or so the hell is this just kill me

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