Half a Year

Day 1

Yesterday you told me you were going to cut me off

So you could move on

Apparently it’s part of your healing process

As if I can just cut off all my feelings for you in an instant

Month 1

I’m still getting use to your absence

Every time anything significant happens

Good or bad

I want to pick up the phone and tell you

But I remember you have a new girlfriend now

I guess I didn’t mean that much to you

Month 2

I finally deleted all the photos of you off my phone

Seeing your face smiling back at me through the screen makes all this harder

I guess this is what moving on is

Month 3

Our text thread has been deleted to the archives

You no longer love me

I’m learning to live without you

I’m actually happy now

Who knew that was possible after you

Month 4

I finally get around to deleting your contact

I guess I just accepted that you are never coming back

I’m finally comfortable in my own loneliness

I’m sorry I failed you

Month 5

I saw a photo of you for the first time in what feels like a lifetime

I barely recognized you

You’re not the same person I remember being in love with

That’s ok – I’ve changed too

I think I finally stopped loving you

Month 6

I forgot how long it’s been

I stopped counting the days since the last time your voice touched mine

Only the glance of a calendar reminded me

I guess I spread my love into things that deserve my attention more than you

I hope your happiness has returned to you

I hope you still think of me


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