7 Years

One day your touch will be forgotten by my skin

My lips will have forgotten how yours were tattooed upon them

For the first month your were gone

I would stand in the shower hoping its scalding heat would wash you off my mind

The first time I saw you and her in a photo I smoked my lungs black because I was sick of screaming your name to an unhearing sky

Unearthing the mountains between us was easier than forgetting how drunk I was on your love

Almost a year has gone by since I last saw you

A year since you last touched me

I have 6 more left before the last traces of your fingerprints are erased from the memory of my skin

I have already forgotten your smell

But somehow I still have the way the sun refracted in your eyes in a locket over my heart

Along with the way your smile seemed to keep some storms at bay

I guess some things are harder to let go of

But when you finally let my hand go, I would be set free from the grip of someone who was a flame to my gasoline


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