Genetics of Addiction

I was born with addicts running reckless in my family

Addiction meandered up and down my veins

Planning the perfect time to strike

Hitting me like I’d imagine an 18-wheeler would

It’s said that if you live by the sword, you die by the sword

Tell that to my cousins

In and out of jails, rehabs, and halfway houses

Being kept alive by the same society that keeps them locked away

None of us were given a manual on

How to deal with the addiction within this bloodline

Cigarettes, alcohol, meth, blood down the drain, cocaine

Do you get the picture yet?

I watch one of my most beloved cousins

Bury herself in a grave we all dug for her

Now whenever she’s flying with the clouds via her choice of opioids

You can tell by what she posts on her Facebook

But I only see the destruction in person

Once every 2 years and this last time she looked like her skeleton was about ready to jump out of her skin

None of us asked for this

Yet America’s justice system treats addicts

Like we’re just high school kids who can be fixed with a stay in detention

Mental illness and genetics play a tango in this dangerous game

I thought that the darkness would leave through my lungs with every inhale of the poison I took

At least nicotine is legal

My cousin smokes cigarettes to ease himself off the science experiments he made of his own body

At least he didn’t blow up everything he loved

Every single one of us has that “at least” clause to excuse our addictions

Hoping our sons and daughters don’t get our tattered genes


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