Dance with Me

We change with the seasons

Yet I can’t bleach you off my mind

Fall – ironically I fell for you

Every time I smell the perfume I wore in that moment

I feel as if I’ve taken a trip in time

Back to high school gym class

Winter – I pulled you closer to warm myself back up

The snow and the emptiness haunting my bones don’t mix well

Spring – you weren’t afraid to hold my hand and dance in the rain with me

I never felt so alive

I never felt so in love with anyone

Summer – we continued to dance together in the rain

We were goofy, we were kind

And your house always smelled like laundry

Every time I catch a whiff of laundry now it rockets me back into your arms

Fall – I think this is when we fell away from each other

I don’t like to remember how it hurt

The entire future I dreamt of us disappeared


The spring rains have returned again

It feels like monsoons without you here

The rain whispers your name with every drop

Come dance with me again


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