To whomever puts a ring on my finger:

When you find me I’ll probably just be a casing of skin and  bones

Nothing more

When I was 11 I was convinced no one could ever love me

And high school was just one failed relationship after another

I guess hormones got the best of me

I set myself on fire for boys who only wanted to watch me burn

I spent too long treating love as a destination rather than a commitment


There will be years I don’t tell you about

Sometimes remembering feels like I’m swallowing poison

And the people who caused the darkness lumped inside me

Don’t deserve to be named

There are lovers whose names I don’t have the strength to fish out of my throat

There are more important things than a list of the people who have hurt me – who weren’t right for me

I am more than the people I’ve let touch me


You’ll know it’s true

When our souls greet each other

They’ve waited a lifetime to be reunited

I’ll look at you like you put every star in the sky

That will be your hint


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